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“Can I install your down tension bar with a Bigsby B3 on a Les Paul?”

Yes, and you should install a shim under the button plate to prevent the spring on the vibrato bar from butting up against the the down tension bar.

“Will your kit fit on a . . . . . guitar?”

This kit will fit on any guitar with a stop tailpiece setup mounting directly to the existing studs.

“Would I need to replace the tune-o-matic bridge with roller saddles?”

You do not need to replace the tune-o-matic bridge with roller saddles. That is a personal preference.

“In order to install the Bigbsy B7 vibrato bar to the body you have to drill holes. How do you avoid not drilling the holes with your set up?”

Use a Bigsby B3Bigsby B11Bigsby B30 or Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece and you won’t have to drill holes in the body. However, you will have to drill holes at the button screw. This shouldn’t matter one way or another, the button screw should not be taken out often at all, it would eventually and probably pretty quickly strip the wood inside the guitar if removed to often.

“Will this kit will work with left handed guitars?”

Yes, the Towner vibrato retrofit kit will install on LEFT handed guitars in place of the stop tailpiece.