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I have been struggling with the B7 tension bar for quite some time. The Tension bar was too low on my guitar and made too much of a break angle so the guitar felt stiff and the Bigsby would go out of tune, even with Graph Tech Saddles and a Slippery nut. Without the tension bar the strings would pop out of the saddles. Finally I found a solution that works, the Towner Down Tension bar available at Towner USA | Down Tension Bar | A Patented Product of Towner USA. It’s a simple but wonderful solution for guitars that used to have a stop tail piece. It screws right into the stop tail bushings and is an adjustable tension bar so you can have as little as much angle as you want over the bridge. I ended up with a Bigsby B3, shimmed back to make room for the down tension bar, and I’m very happy. Christian Towner is a pleasure to deal with and makes an excellent product. Here’s a picture of my guitar with the Down Tension Bar installed.