Towner Vibrato Guitar Parts Interview with Music & Sound Retailer Magazine:
Among NAMM’s elite are the problem-solvers. One of these, Christian Towner of Towner Vibrato Guitar Parts, invented a solution to an age-old problem stemming from aftermarket Bigsby vibrato installa- tions. “Originally designed as an aftermarket part installation for Bigsby vibrato bars, I created a down tension bar that alleviates the guitar owner from having to drill extra holes in the body. In development of the down tension bar, the innovation of the slimmer bar and the ability to raise and lower the studs, canting the bar, allows ev- ery guitar owner to customize the intonation of the guitar setup, homing in on the sweet spot behind the bridge and providing even down tension to the strings,” explained Towner. The Towner USA Down Ten- sion Bar mounts in place of the stop tailpiece on existing studs. The nickel version has an MSRP of $29.99, whereas the gold is $64.99. “I’ve been doing this for two years,” said Towner. “I did it all out of my apartment. I’m a one-man band. I still hustle a day job, do this and write original mu- sic.” Buyers at Epiphone, Gibson and various parts departments took a strong interest in Towner’s product, so, hey, maybe the day job can be taken off the list soon!