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    I recently did a Bigsby install on my Washburn HB-30 using a Gold Bigsby B6, and replaced the B6’s hinge plate with a gold B3 hinge plate. It was not particularly hard, but it take some care and the proper tools to do it right! This, of course, gives you the option of using the longer B6 Bigsby on guitars along with using the Towner down tension bar system. You should get a small punch, I got a 3 punch set at Lowe’s just to make sure I had the right size, and ended up using the smallest punch in the set which is a 1/8th inch. The main thing is that the punch should be slightly smaller than the end of the hinge pin hole, the 1/8th inch punch seems about the perfect size! Another important thing, you shouldn’t try to punch the pin out all the way, just far enough to allow you to remove the hinge plate from the main Bigsby body. This, of course, means you’ll need to get a new hinge pin along with the B3 hinge plate. I got mine at ALL PARTS, they are great, ask for Phil, he’s their Bigsby Guru! When you get ready to put the B3 hinge on the B6 Bigsby, I found what works best is to use a small amount of “LOCTITE” Threadlocker Blue 242 nut & bolt locker. Be very careful here, it spills easily from the end of the tube, and you only need a small amount on the small end of the pin and a very small amount in the hinges right side where the pin goes through. I emphasize, just on the right side small end of the pin, and right side of hinge. Once you’ve got the pin in the hinge, make sure it’s all clean and then set the Bigsby up on it’s left side so that the left side of the pin (large end) is being held firmly down by the weight of the Bigsby, you can adjust the Bigsby vibrato arm to balance it just right. Give the “LOCTITE” a good 24 hours to fully set up, but check and make sure the hinge itself is still able to swing back and forth on the hinge pin after about 30 minutes or so, if it swings freely, then place the Bigsby back on its side again and let it set up for 24 hours before you try to use it for your install. That’s basically it, I hope you find this Helpful! Any questions, let me know!

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