BIGSBY® B3 Kit with TOWNER System Gold

$244.99 - $280.99

BIGSBY® B3 with the TOWNER Down Tension Bar manages your sustain controlling your break angle. The TOWNER Hinge Plate Adaptor retains the hinge plate to the guitar with a #8 2″ screw.

  • BIGSBY® B3
  • BIGSBY® B6 *recommended for ES guitar models.
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“BIGSBY® B3 Kit with TOWNER System Gold”

This BIGSBY® B3 retrofit kit by TOWNER Vibrato Guitar Systems is your one stop shop for your dream BIGSBY Vibrato Tailpiece installation. The TOWNER System provides a screw-less system and innovation of string control with the down tension bar and the hinge plate adaptor provides a flat surface for all strap button and strap lock buttons.

  • I RECOMMEND The BIGSBY® B6 Kit for ES-335 style guitar models to accommodate the length of the guitar body.


Measure the neck width of your studs, they should be NO wider than 0.265 inches. If they are wider than 0.265 inches you will need to purchase different tailpiece mounting studs. 

See TOWNER store here for replacements with proper neck post width.

(*The TOWNER Down Tension Bar is designed to fit the neck width of stock GIBSON Guitar stud posts.)

Additional information

Weight 11.4 oz
Dimensions 9.5 x 4.75 x 2.75 in
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