Phil Caivano of Monster Magnet Installs and Reviews TOWNER System with a BIGSBY B3  Vibrato Tailpiece

Phil Caivano of Monster Magnet Installs and Reviews TOWNER Down Tension Bar and Hinge Plate Adaptor System with a BIGSBY B3 on his Gibson SG. And demos how well the system works with a sick guitar solo!! Monster Magnet is about to embark on their European Tour MARCH 07 2016 thru APRIL 03 2016.

Hey, this is Phil from Monster Magnet here to talk about the Towner Tension Bar. I wanted to put a Bigsby on this SG for quite awhile and after looking at all the options I decided to go with this baby right here. And I can’t believe how great it works out and it’s very very simple design and what Towner is offering here, for people who want to do the Bigsby thing it just can’t be beat

So I’m just going to play the guitar a little bit and it stays in tune incredible. I’m shipping this thing (his SG) in about an hour for our tour coming up in a couple weeks. So here you go… (Phil slays it with his SG making sweet tremolo sounds using the BIGSBY paired with the TOWNER Down Tension Bar System.)

The thing that amazes me about this setup, the tuning. This thing.., does not go out of tune unless I really really, really mess with it really really hard but the only thing that I did change on the stock BIGBSY B3, I change the hinge-piece I got another one from Bigsby where I’m able to pull the arm over the strings a little more instead of it stopping right there. Which is a real benefit for me (strums the guitar while holding the BIGSBY arm, strumming all the way up and down across the strings.)Strum through the chords.

O.K., so anybody looking for a BIGSBY setup. Want to do it with an SG, Les Paul or anything with a stock tune-o-matic and a stop tailpiece you can’t go wrong with this. Christian came up with a great design, great product and I hope all you guys go out there and get one.