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Towner Vibrato Guitar System

Let’s face it, Bigsby Tremolos are a sexy addition to any classic guitar. Not only do they look amazing, but they offer the option of ‘true’ tremolo (lower and raise the pitch of the guitar). Normally if you want a Bigsby system, you’re going to have to drill into the face of your precious guitar, damaging her forever.

 Luckily, the folks at Towner have come up with a solution that can be retro- fitted to any symmetrical guitar with a stop tailpiece (SG’s LP’s and ES / semi-hollow body style guitars).

Towner have developed a quick and easy mounting method that the every-man can install using basic tools found in most garages. The Bigsby Trem can now mount to a guitar via the Towner Hinge Plate Adapter through the strap button screw, and be strung through the ingenious Towner Down Tension bar that utilises the guitar’s existing stop-tail studs. This allows you full control on how much downward tension you want on your strings, therefore, managing your guitar strings’ sustain.

It should be noted that the system will not mount to non- Gibson guitars, unless you replace the metric stop tailpiece studs, conveniently sold through their website! The full setup, complete with Bigsby trem unit is also sold through the Towner website.

(Shown is a Bigsby B3 on an Epiphone SG)