TOWNER VIBRATO GUITAR SYSTEMS delights guitar players from around the world with the patented TOWNER Down Tension Bar System and Hinge Plate Adaptor. See the gallery below displaying 100’s of testimonials with pictures, I’d like to hear from you – drop a line and tell your story using TOWNER’s  BIGSBY retrofit systems.

Christian, Thank you so much, I already installed on Les Paul, is working GREAT!!!! That is the best invention for the Bigsby ever!!! I’m going to take some pictures and email them to you.

Pavel Masloweic / Guitar Builder

Christian, here are the pictures of my guitar with the kit. thank you for this great product.

Ozgur Yilmaz, Istanbul Turkey

Towner Bridge is a complete success! Very nice, snug fit in the posts. Allows me to have a glorious Bigsby without drilling holes on the top or having gaping holes where my stoptail posts used to be. Works great on an Epiphone Sheraton paired with a Bigsby B60! Thanks again!

Dylan Meadows

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