TOWNER Vibrato Guitar Parts BIGSBY Solutions

TOWNER VIBRATO GUITAR PARTS SYSTEMS are innovative and SCREW-LESS designs for your BIGSBY Vibrato Tailpiece installations. TOWNER Products protect the integrity of your guitar and provide an innovative string control device, The TOWNER DOWN TENSION BAR mounted to the stop tailpiece studs in place of the stop tailpiece. The TOWNER DOWN TENSION BAR manages your guitar strings sustain by screwing down and or unscrewing the stop tailpiece studs. Providing the ability to raise and lower the height of the down tension bar controlling how much string tension the guitar player wants.

The HINGE PLATE ADAPTOR is designed to lift the strap lock button or strap button above the slot through the BIGSBY B3 and BIGSBY B7 hinge plates. Enabling easier access to the strap lock or strap button and providing relief from installing four extra screws in your guitar body.

Some strap lock buttons, such as GROVER Strap Locks, do not fit between the slot of the BIGSBY B3 and B7 hinge plates but, with the very inexpensive solution of the TOWNER Hinge Plate Adaptor you can install a GROVER Strap Lock without a hitch.

The TOWNER V.BLOCK System is designed for BIGSBY B3 vibrato tailpieces to fit on LES PAUL type guitar bodies. The TOWNER V.BLOCK acts simply as a 1/2″ shim to set back the BIGSBY B3 spring cup away from butting up against the right stop tailpiece stud or left stop tailpiece stud if you have a left handed BIGSBY B3 vibrato tailpiece. The TOWNER V.BLOCK allows the BIGSBY to lay properly on the guitar body.

TOWNER SYSTEMS are simple, intelligent and innovative designs to support every one of the BIGSBY vibrato players worldwide from blues, country, rockabilly, twangy surf guitar, stoner metal, psychedelic, shoegaze, garage rock and rock n’ roll.